Hard to explain; Curly. Dreamy. Looking for peace. XX, not XY. Art freak living next door. Dancing constantly. In love with 60s, 70s, 80s and whiskey. Interested in everything which is interesting... | Trying to find paradise city where all the flowers were painted by Van Gogh. | I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot Andy Warhol. | I've lost my mind and played with Lucifer Sam on the dark side of the moon. See you there | day dreaming with matilda mother until breaking of the rusty cage | yippie, you can't see me but I can you...

I'm someone who is trying to understand who she is. Kind of observer, kind of luntic maybe unknown sister of the Sandman.  Basically, run. (+theatre student trying to go things, part time stubborn sceptic, part time hippie)
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